Me, Me, Me,

What’s going on with the world today?

What’s going on with man?

Why in the name of all that is right?

Are we heading down into the can?


We’re wiser and stronger and faster for sure

We’ve worked it all out to a T

We need not for any or all to endure

We’ve taken our sweet liberty


We’re free to pollute and to waste all the earth 

We’re rich and we’re wanting for nought

We need take no care for the misery found

In the weak, in the poor, or the bought


We live in the moment – with caution to wind

And sail on a decadent sea

For this world, and its wealth, and its beautiful things

Was created for, ME! ME! ME!


What does it profit a man, if he gains the whole world, yet loses his soul? Mark 8:36

I originally had another song posted here, but all day I’ve felt that it was the wrong song. This is the one I believe it should have been from the start:


Big Sky


It’s so frustrating. I can’t express the feeling I get when I see the sky. Large and overwhelming it seems to be growing and encompassing the earth, which of course it always has, but I never noticed that before. Lately though I’ve noticed; the curve of the earth seems to be increasing. Like it is expanding up so that the road ahead always seems to be dropping off. Those ancients who thought it possible to fall off the edge of the world, I understand where they were coming from. They had to have seen the sky and the earth as I am seeing them now. I wish I had a camera that could capture how I see them. 


Playing Tag With Angels

I saw a child at play today

He was having so much fun

I watched him growing wilder

Playing tag and run


His laughter carried skyward

It touched an angel’s wing

Twas then the angel turned around

And he began to sing


A song of jubilation

A song unheard before

The whole world stopped to listen

Enraptured to its core


The angel sang with all his might

Which lifted up each heart

Then just as quick as he’d appeared

He quickly did depart


The people bathed in God’s sweet love

In peace went on their way

All but the little boy of course

Today was his big day


He got to see an angel!

He even heard him sing!

But best of all for him today

He tagged an angel’s wing.



(Spread from Julia Durango’s Angels Watching Over Me, illustrated by
Elisa Kleven; Simon & Schuster, 2007)


Peaceful are the heavens

Restful is the earth

Sounds of gentle singing

Fill the dark night air

Whimpering babe is sleeping

Mother’s in her chair

All is in God’s keeping

All is in His care

Death, Darkness and Light

Death, I know, it’s a depressing subject, but my sister’s beautiful cat died this week and he, Shepp, was a big part of our family. He was loved and cherished for twenty years by his doting parents (My sis and her hubby). And he gave them so much pleasure and joy in their life. His passing has left a massive void and much sorrow.

The passing of this dearly loved pet got me to thinking about death in general. Here are some of my thoughts:

There are those who believe that death is a doorway to the spiritual life. The life that we all come from and go back to; the source of all things manifest. The purity of purity, the peace of all peace, the joy of joy, and the Light, are all there. There is no darkness, no sorrow, no pain in that place. True life is there.

Is this life on earth a journey? Is it one we believe we have no choice in taking? What if in that place of true life we volunteered to come to this dark heavy place? What if we begged to be allowed to come here? What if we knew something in that place of true life that is hidden from us here? What if we are more than we think we are?

What if we have a purpose other than being born, walking the earth a few decades, and turning back to dust? What if we are seeds of that true life here to complete an assignment? What if the heaviness of darkness keeps that knowledge hidden and we are charged with breaking through that darkness? What if the darkness itself has an assignment? An assignment to crush the true life from all who carry it? What if the darkness is charged with keeping the inhabitants of this earth in the dark?

Hmm…What weighs more, darkness or light? Which is stronger, darkness or light? How is this battle fought? interesting questions for all carrying the seed of true life. At what point in this earth journey is the knowledge revealed?

Could it be when we throw off the coat of darkness? When we come out from under the heaviness? Could it be when we see, once again, the Light from whence we came? Is it then we rejoice that we overcame? Or hang our head knowing we failed our assignment?

Some say death is the end of everything. That there is nothing else. Only these few decades walking the planet known as earth and nothing. Some don’t or won’t give any thought to such weighty questions preferring to stay in the dark (pardon the pun).

Whatever we believe death comes to all.


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