Ears To Hear, If You Are NOT A Christian Do NOT Read this!

I must have heard this song a hundred times while driving, but not until yesterday did I actually hear what was being said. The lyrics in this song speak so profoundly to me that it is as if God were reading my clock, as we would say in Glasgow. As I listened I knew, that’s exactly how it is. The lyricists had a clear channel to the Holy Spirit and wrote down exactly what He wanted us (okay, me) to know. Are your ears open? Can you hear? 

Jesus friend of sinners

We have strayed so far away.  (We moved away from the Holy and empowering Fire of God.)

We cut down people in Your Name (We judge and condemn )  

But the Sword was never ours to swing  (And we use the bible to cut ‘sinners’ to shreds. Bible-thumpers shrivel right here!)

Jesus, Friend of sinners (He loved the Unlovely, Diseased, and the Outcast.)

The Truth’s become so hard to see (We are Blinded to the Truth )

The World is on their way to You, ( People are desperatey trying to find the Truth.)

But they’re tripping over me. (We are causing them to stumble by, poisoning their water and walk, with our Self-righteousness.)

Always looking around and never looking-up (Continually searching for the fault in others. Looking to catch who’s doing no-good. Tearing folks down instead of asking God what He wants of us.)

I’m so double-minded. (Pouring mercy on Self while Condemning others. with same faults.)

A Plank-eyed Saint (Can’t see for the huge log in my eyes. My own sin is blinding me.)

With dirty-hands and a heart divided. ( We can put any number of things here to portray dirty-hands, but let’s use something we all do, gossip, lie, cheat… and living for pleasure rather than God’s cause.)

Oh, Jesus, Friend of sinners

Open our eyes to the world

At the end of our pointing fingers 

Let our hearts be

Led by mercy

Help us reach with 

Open hearts and open doors

Oh, Jesus, Friend of sinners

Break our hearts 

With what breaks Yours!

Jesus Friend of sinners

The One whose writing in the sand,

Made the righteous turn away

and the stones fall from their hands

Help us to remember

We are all the least of these

Let the memory of Your Mercy

Bring Your people to their knees

Nobody knows what we’re for

Only what we’re against

When we judge the wounded

What if we put down our signs

Crossed over the lines 

And love like You did?

Oh, Jesus, Friend of sinners

Open our eyes to the world

At the end of our pointing fingers

Let our hearts be led by Mercy

Help us reach with open hearts

And open doors

Oh, Jesus, Friend of sinners

Break our hearts

With What breaks Yours

You love every lost cause

You reach for the outcast

For the leper and the lame

They’re the reason that You came

Lord, I was that lost cause 

And I was the outcast

But You died for sinners

Just like me

a grateful leper At Your feet

Cause You are Good. Cause You are Good

And Your Love endures forever

You are Good! You are Good!

And Your Love endures forever


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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Balsillie & Associates
    Jun 21, 2012 @ 12:44:57

    I think, as a non-Christian, that one should at least be open-minded enough in this world to read ideas or speak to others and try to see things from others’ points of view.


  2. Angela Young
    Jul 05, 2012 @ 13:50:07

    Beautiful :)


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