A Beautiful Teenager

This is Paige. She is the granddaughter of my good friend. I wanted to introduce you to her because she is a very special girl. Not because she is stunningly beautiful, which she is; (She looks just like grandma only younger and fresher. Sorry Grandma  :) ) but because from a very early age she has been consistently loving and caring for those much less fortunate than we are.

She lives in Haiti with her family and she helps with their ministry to the hurting women and children there. Paige is a doctor, nurse, momma, friend, sister, and I’m sure chief cook and bottle-washer when needed. (You may remember some time back that she raised lots of money to build houses for the homeless in Haiti.) But most important, Paige is a Warrior. Her warfare is not of the kind where bullets are fired or bombs dropped. Her warfare is that of the Kingdom of God. She has a pure heart and works as hard as she does for others out of  her deep love for God. That means she is on the front lines of  the battle between good and evil. The enemy does not like Paige. She is too successful at what she does, and he doesn’t like that at all.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because I want you to know that there are teenagers in this world who care more about others than the latest electronic toy or pop-star. And because I want you to pray for Paige. I want all of us to give back just a little of the love she has poured out all of her young life on others. Will you do that? Will you pray for Paige? And ask God to keep her strong? And to protect her as she ministers His love to the poorest of the poor? Will you ask Him to keep her filled with His peace and wisdom as she walks the road He has called her to walk? I know you will. And I’m thankful for your prayers for this beautiful (inside and out) young woman.

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