The American Dream?

I’ve tried for weeks to write a post about the American dream. But no matter how I try or from what angle I approach it I can’t seem to get the job done. I think I have so many emotions involved that I can’t express myself without getting (emotionally) tied in knots. So, maybe I should just ask y’all some questions:

1. What is the American Dream?

My answer to that question comes from the declaration of independence: Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. BUT with the stipulations, Liberty from oppression NOT to oppress. Pursuit of happiness, BUT NOT at the expense of others. Along with those rights is the dream to own one’s home, and have a steady income with which to shelter, care for, and educate those within the family. But the country, still reeling from being turned upside down and its pockets shaken out by those running banks, and investment firms, has lost its way. And those dreams have become nightmares for way too many. There are literally millions of homeless children in this country. They live in cars or trucks or old buses or shelters with parent/parents who have lost jobs and homes and hope.

2. Is it possible to restore the American dream? If yes, how?

I believe that if those companies that moved millions of jobs overseas to earn an easy buck were made to return them to this country that be a step in the right direction. Also, if we stopped importing mountains of cheap, poisonous, junk from China and went back to manufacturing our own (higher quality) goods we’d punch a big hole in those unemployment and food-bank lines. Thereby beginning the restoration of the american dream.

I know we need to turn this economy around; and I believe the only way to do that is to: cut imports, bring back manufacturing jobs, educate our kids on the importance of living within their means, and return to being savers (as opposed to being spenders of money we don’t have).

I want to hear what you have to say on these matters. Even if you completely disagree with me.

This is the CBS segment that caused me to once more think on these things.

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