The Book That Makes Me Smile

Even though I love poetry I am not one who likes poetic form. I love free verse. Free verse tells me a story in poetic language, is pleasant to speak, hear, and comprehend. It leaves me with  the feeling that I’ve learned something about another, this world. and or myself.

Last week I took some of my old books to the Half Price Bookstore. I got $15.00 for them. I tried really hard not to shop while I was there, but who can resist? Not me! My first port of call is always the Poetry section. Of course there are way too many books to get through so I try to hone in on those books that are calling my name. 

One book begging me to draw it from among its peers was a jet-black hessian number. It had the word Haiku brushed down the front in water-color white partnered with the outline of a bird in gold-leaf paint. Now, as I said I’m not one for poetic forms, but the artistic feel from this book nudged me to give it a shot.

I fanned it open and started reading: The sun shines in the sky,

And far across the moor there flits

A single butterfly


I don’t know about you, but that simple verse transported me and made me feel good. As I read on I found many other beautiful Haikus that made me feel good or lifted my spirit. The simple beauty and profound wisdom contained in the verses have a depth to them that I aspire to with my own work. If only!

My $15.00 came out of their till and went straight back into their till in a matter of minutes; but I walked away with a treasure I know I will never return to the HPB.  

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Deanna Schrayer
    Sep 29, 2011 @ 12:44:13

    I know just what you mean about not being able to resist looking in a book store Elizabeth. I’m the same way, and in libraries too. I could literally spend hours without realizing time has passed at all. Your treasure sounds like just that – a treasure. Thanks for sharing a bit with us!


  2. Carol Benedict
    Sep 29, 2011 @ 15:15:41

    What a great find! I enjoy Haiku poetry, too. This one is lovely, Elizabeth. It made me smile, too.


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