image I am in Scotland and yesterday we went for a walk along the shores of Loch Lomond. As you can see in the photograph three yellow roses came floating to the shore. My sister and I speculated on how they came to be in the loch. We surmised that maybe they had been thrown in to the water as a memorial. I thoughtimage

that maybe some romantic lunch had ended badly. No matter how they came to us, there were many places they could have landed, I wasn’t going to let them die there on the shore. I picked them up and brought them home. The fact that their yellow color reminded me of Texas and my precious hubby, was not lost on me. And I took them as a little reminder  that God was watching over me and my love while we are apart. 

imageThe Lord keep watch between me and thee, when we are absent one from another. Gen 31:49


Blessed Are The Peacemakers

Cotton Candy Clouds - Ajaytao

The same instant the sun disappeared the torrential rains deluged the city streets. Rain jacket donned, umbrella hoisted, feet fitted with tower-high Sketchers I darted into the first doorway I came to. As it happened, it turned out to be an actual place of refuge.

I’d stumbled into St Stephen’s parish church. Inside were three people. One, obviously the minister, was standing by, and two others were sitting at, a small table on one side of the sanctuary in conversation.

In the middle of the circular sanctuary was a big wooden contraption reminiscent of a toy we played with in childhood. This toy was used to make a sort of knitted rope. It was made out of a small thread bobbin with four nails spaced out on top. You wound the wool round the pegs (nails) then pulled the wool up from under and over the top of each nail. As you continued round the nails the knitted rope grew down through the middle of the circle.

The minister invited me to knit a round. I wound and cast the next layer of knots as he held and fed me the yarn. He explained the purpose of the ‘knitting’ was prayerful meditation based on our call to be peacemakers. We walked, knitted, talked, and prayed.

When we finished the round he asked if he might pray for me. Of course I said yes. The minister prayed the most beautiful prayer about my heart and life and how much God loves and values me. It was wonderful.

After thanking the minister I went to leave and noticed it was no longer raining and the sun was once again shinning. I wonder, did God direct my path into the usually closed church? (I’ve walked passed that church for years and never seen the door open.) Did He want a little word with me? Was I not listening to Him? Did He get my attention? Yes! yes! Yes!

In all your ways/walks submit to Him and He shall direct your paths. Proverbs 3:6

Blessed are the Peacemakers for they will be called children of God. Matthew 5:9

Side note: I can’t get my pictures to load. Grrrr! ( Peace Liz. :-) )

It’s My Birthday!


It’s my birthday the morra
Hmm, what shall I do?
I’ll treat my Old self
To a pressie or two

I’ll go to the spa
For a polish and stuff
And if that don’t take long
I’ll get pummeled and buffed

Then I’ll get me some lunch
(A lovely fish-tea)
And a big slice of cake
Aye, that’ll dae me!

And when day has ended
I’ll be snug in my bed
Fluffy socks on my feet
A warm cap on my head

And I’ll think to myself
Then quietly say,
Thank you dear Lord
For this wonderful day!

Yes, Thank you dear Lord
For this wonderful day!

Don’t Worry About A Thing

Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life? (Matt 6:27) Nope! We can chew our nails, wrap all the hairs of our head around our fingers until there is no hair left, and we can wear a trench in the floor, but none of that changes the worrying situation. All that does is flood our bodies with poisonous stress hormones and make us ill.

No, worrying is not the answer. Worrying is the enemy. It wears us out and keeps us down. God has given each of us the choice. We can chose to worry or not. I know, in the midst of a trial it’s really hard not to worry. How can we stop ourselves from worrying?

There is an answer. It so simple most folks miss it. The answer to worry is to seek first the kingdom and righteousness of God, then everything we need will be given to us. Don’t continually think about the problem. Take your mind, and focus it on the Word, knowledge, kingdom, and righteous ways of God. Fill your mind with the things of God. Lose yourself in Him and the worries will fade in His glory.

She Was Seven I Was Eight


Maureen being Maureen stood her ground defiant. My Da grabbed her by the cardigan and said, “I’m gonna ask ye wan mare time an you better tell me the truth! Where did you get the Chinese ropes, the pencil, and the rubber?”

“Ah telt ye Da, Ah fun thum oan the spare grun, ye can ask ma pal!”

His big bony hand came flying from above and slapped her arse, once, (“Where’d ye get them?”) twice, and then half a dozen times.

“Ah laugh when ye hit me!” She responded, fire blazing from her bright red face and her brilliant green eyes. “Ah laugh! Hahaha!” She laughed louder and louder.

The hand still holding her cardigan pulled her across his knee and he spanked her again and again.

“Hahahaha, hahaha, yer no hurting me!” She goaded her face inches from the floor.

He gave her another few whacks and threw her toward the door. “Get tae yer bed, you’re getting nae dinner the night!”

Smirking she sorted her cardigan and went ben the room. I waited until it was safe and followed her. She was lying on our bed crying. “How dae ye always fight him I asked?”

Wiping her nose on the pillow-case she answered, “Cause I’m no gonna let him get the better o me, that’s how!”

“Where did ye get the Chinese-ropes, the pencil, and the rubber?” I whispered.

“Ah stole them from Woolworth’s!” she shouted. We both started laughing.

Magnum Facere

The tree, winter, spring, summer or fall, ignored. Then the great drought dried out the earth and it’s roots loosed. It started with an unusual sound — The sound of a whale singing deep in the ocean, sort of like that, but much more eerie and not so beautiful. Then the tree began to lean forward and then lean a smidge to the right, and then to the left. I swear, it started to sway in the hot south wind like a very tall hula dancer obeying the call of the ukulele. Crazy tree!

I watched it sway ever wildly and yet somehow it remained upright. But then it’s heavy lower branches cracked under the strain, and it’s roots went flying up into the air, and it fell with a mighty thud. Blocking the sun and the moon and the stars, its shriveled foliage dropped creating a crisp brown blanket, which, on reflection, could be a good thing — mulching the thirsty soil. And, if nothing else, at least the worms had something to chew on. Of course that’s if there were any worms still alive.

Beginnings, a seed sent out a feeder, I can do this! said he imagining magnificence.

Magnum Facere: To do something great.


It rained today and tears fell
heavy on blood-drenched soil
The blood cried out to heaven
And heaven wailed, grieving the loss
Thunders roared and lightening cracked
Great big tears fell heavy
And a tired little Robin flew away.

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